Use Cases List

This is a very preliminary use case summary, more detailed use cases are being produced.

  • Protection of critical infrastructure through information sharing and analytics. Specific use cases for the electric grid (Duke Energy)
  • Large company understanding and acting on its threat/risk landscape
  • Fusion center “connecting the dots” by federating multiple data sources
  • California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services fusing BioWatch and other data for better decision making
  • Integration of STIX (Cyber) data with physical threats and risks for all-hazards
  • Retail Sector Point of Sales Attack
  • Securing the supply chain for Air Force avionics
  • Physical attack on Transformer Yields Cyber and Kinetic Effects
  • Threat to electronic healthcare records
  • DoD Information Sharing Portal
  • Federating information for evaluating the trust of individuals and organizations
  • Victim information compromise
  • Theft of laptop exposes credentials resulting in loss of confidential information
  • State Cybercrime Investigation
  • Aligning risk models along the dependencies between systems
  • Response to natural disaster as illustrated in the Snowmageddon use case.
  • Cyber Domain
    • Targeted Spear-Phishing Attacks
    • Drive-By Watering Hole Attacks
    • Supply Chain Attacks
    • Acquisition Attacks
    • PITMBX Attacks
    • Holiday Season Large Scale Attacks
    • USB in the Parking Lot Attacks
    • Provisioning Process Attacks
    • USB at the Meeting Attacks
    • Conference Hotel Attacks
    • Trojan Horse Attacks (Modernized)
    • Perimeter Attacks
    • Home Employee Attacks
  • Snowmageddon in New England


    In January 2015 Massachusetts faced the Hazard of major winter storms across the region. Potential Harm from blizzards and winter storms includes negative economic impact, limited road accessibility, restricted emergency management, non-availability of utility, property damage, personal injury and death, and more.

    Use Case

    Collect, federate and disseminate information on the threat and eventual disaster relating to snow New England show storms in 2015. Use this information to prepare for the disaster, enhance capabilities and mitigate the impact.

  • BioWatch Pathogen of Interest


    BioWatch is a United States Federal Government program to prepare state and local governments to prepare a response for and to provide detection of  the release of pathogens into the air as part of a terrorist attack on major American cities.  more than 30 major metropolitan areas nationwide. The  BioWatch program was created in 2001 in response to the increased threat of bioterrorism sparked by the terrorist attacks on Sept 11 2001  and was announced in President George W. Bush's State of the Union Address of 2003.