Snowmageddon in New England


In January 2015 Massachusetts faced the Hazard of major winter storms across the region. Potential Harm from blizzards and winter storms includes negative economic impact, limited road accessibility, restricted emergency management, non-availability of utility, property damage, personal injury and death, and more.

Use Case

Collect, federate and disseminate information on the threat and eventual disaster relating to snow New England show storms in 2015. Use this information to prepare for the disaster, enhance capabilities and mitigate the impact.


State Governor, Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency (MEMA), Federal Emergency Management (FEMA), local and state highway departments, fire and local & state police departments, National Guard, neighboring state agencies, residents, etc. 


The scenario shows the risk of the snow storm as predicted, the potential impact, the resulting disaster and the response as an integrated set of information to better support private and governmental action (PPT, PDF)