OASIS Emergency Management TC & EDXL

Oasis EM-TC

The Oasis EM-TC creates vendor-neutral and platform agnostic standards for organizations and agencies to more easily exchange emergency information. The EM-TC welcomes participation from members of the emergency management and response community, developers and implementers, and members of the public concerned with disaster management and response.

The Emergency Data Exchange Language (EDXL) is a broad initiative to create an integrated framework for a wide range of emergency data exchange standards to support operations, logistics, planning and finance.

EM-TC standard efforts include:

  • EDXL Common Alerting Protocol (EDXL-CAP)
  • EDXL Distribution Element (EDXL-DE)
  • EDXL Hospital AVailability Exchange (EDXL-HAVE)
  • EDXL Resource Messaging (EDXL-RM)
  • EDXL Reference Information Model (EDXL-RIM)
  • EDXL Situation Reporting (EDXL-SitRep)
  • EDXL Tracking Emergency Patients (EDXL-TEP)