Welcome to the Threat and Risk Community


Threats and risks are increasingly multi-dimensional in nature – spanning both physical and cyber space. Only by analyzing, federating, and sharing information across multiple domains (i.e. critical infrastructure, cyber, health and human services, online gambling, public safety), can we effectively counter multi-dimensional threats. This community initiative is focused on driving the federation and secure sharing of threat, risk and provenance information across multiple domains, technologies and data formats. Domains of interest include but are not limited to cybersecurity, law enforcement and public safety, counter terrorism, critical infrastructure, health and emergency management.

Community Building

This critical need suggests a community of interest (COI) that can help bring together the mission focus for integrated threat & risk management and situational awareness combined with the standards, technologies and capabilities to do so. This forum and and standards activities facilitates the process of building a robust COI concerning multidimensional risks and threats.

Standard Development

An Object Management Group (OMG) standards process is underway to federate, integrate and map operational threat and risk information across diverse domains, technologies and organizations regardless of the technology, schema or domain. Implementations of this standard will be able to “connect the dots” between dispirit information sources as well as translate between different formats and vocabularies.

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