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President - Integrated Networking Technologies, Inc.
Strategic Advisor & Technology Architect - NC4
Technology Architect - Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE)
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I have been a passionate evangelist within the DIB community since 2007 for the definition/adoption of Cyber Domain Taxonomies, Ontologies, and Inter-Exchange standards. Most importantly advocating and contributing to the community development of open reference implementations, tools, frameworks, processes for the inter-exchange, enrichment, and operationalization of Cyber-Intelligence based on these standards.

Integrated Networking Technologies, Inc.

Current efforts are focused on developing dynamic multi-dimensional temporal and semantic representations of Adversaries, TTPs, and Targets using taxonomies derived from the OASIS CTI (formerly DHS/MITRE STIX, CybOx, TAXII) initiatives as an extension to the Utopia Framework (to be released to the Open Source Community).


Defense Security Information Exchange (DSIE)

  • Served as the Executive Director of the Defense Security Information Exchange  since February 2013.

  • Transitioning to the role of Technology Architect to concentrate on the DSIE ACIX (Automated Cyber-Intelligence Inter-Exchange) initiatives focused on providing "Analyst Driven” automated Inter-Exchange of Actionable Cyber-Threat Intelligence.



  • Recently engaged by NC4 to represent their organization in support of the OMG and OASIS CTI Initiatives.

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